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  1. That first shot is a tough one to get Ingrid. I only have one like it that I’ve kept. Love that red bill. This species is unreliable around here – some years there’s lots of them and other years (like this one) they’re scarce.

    • Ron, I never responded to your comment about the scarcity of Caspians. I’ve been meaning to write a post about this, but this particular group terns is relatively new to this area around Elliott, Bay or so I understand. They’ve been hazed and pushed out of other areas around the Northwest (because of salmon issues) and this may be one group displaced now to my neighborhood. No one had mentioned Caspians nesting in this area, and I noticed they did seem to be nesting and laying eggs on a nearby industrial rooftop. I tried to get some traction on the idea. A lovely local birder took me up on it and the two of us have now discovered that this may be the first colony trying to breed in this area. We don’t know how successful the season will be, owing to multiple hazards, including the local crows. But I’m keeping an eye on them through my lens and binoculars. I wish they had some better habitat here, in which to carry on with their tern business.

  2. Thanks, Mia and Ron. I’ve been absent and holed up with work, but obviously appreciate the kind comments and observations. I keep waiting for the tern to actually shake off against a blue sky background. It hasn’t happened yet at my location. I came close to capturing that the other day, but missed the moment.